This is my story of dedication (for getting into my dream school), belief (in God), courage (to regain the confidence I have lost), and hope (in eventually, finding my Romeo). Let's see how it all works out.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Today was almost perfect.

As the snow prickled on my face and the gusts of wind swept back my hair, I could feel the tears gliding down my face. They formed on the corners of my eyes - warm and moist. I entered the warmth and the comfort of my school, took off the layers of clothing, only to turn around and bump into him. He caught me by my arm before I stumbled.
"Hey." I replied. My mouth expanding into a smile.
"Hey are you -  are you okay?" He bent down. His face stood inches from mine.
"Ya. I'm fine," I laughed nervously. "Why?"
"Are you sure?" He furrowed his eyebrows in genuine concern.
"Ya, I'm sure." I frowned. Was something wrong? 
He sensed my uncomfort and understood.
"Oh. Okay." He smiled now. My heart raced. "It's just that, it's just that I thought you were upset."
He let go of his grasp on my arm, and moved his fingers gently to the corner of my eyes, moistening his fingers with the previous tears. He raised his eyebrow. 
"The weather." I replied, smiling larger. Hoping he would touch me again.
"That's what I thought." He laughed and came down again, gently kissing me on the place my tears were drying. 
I stood there, dumbfounded, as he weaved his fingers with mine, and took the first steps. 

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