This is my story of dedication (for getting into my dream school), belief (in God), courage (to regain the confidence I have lost), and hope (in eventually, finding my Romeo). Let's see how it all works out.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

I want the 60s back...

2010 (almost 2011): 
When a boy's "a player" it's "cool"; when the girl puts on an inundation of makeup, wears revealing clothing, and succumbs to his wishes, she's "sexy" or "a win". As I'm talking and watching my friends showing me their exes, their friends' exes, their crushes, etc. it's all on looks. By some damn mathematical equation, money + dark, mysterious look + muscle + experience = the complete passage. Am I the only one who doesn't abide by these rules?

Flashback to he 1960s:
It was a time where everything was pristine and truthful. Guys would ask a girl's dad if he could take her out - and on that date out, it would be a stroll in the park and plain chatter. He would open the door for her, laugh at her jokes at the correct time, ignore his incessant texts, and be completely committed. The worst that could happen would be a little hand holding or a swift kiss on the cheek. Nothing more. 

I envy everyone that could to live in the impeccable and pure times of yesterday. Nowadays, dating is okay - you don't have to save anything for marriage. Lack of respect and dignity right there. And on top of that, no one's pure anymore? For me right now, I see high school relationships as fakes. There ways of just having fun to pass by the wretched years. I'm waiting for college (and if I have to wait longer, I'll wait longer) when the perfect guy - who shares the same beliefs, who has respect for me - comes along and holds those university doors open for me. I commit and I ask for commitment, but looking at where society - Facebook, phones, etc - is taking us, I'm kind of scared that that'll be too much to ask for. 

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