This is my story of dedication (for getting into my dream school), belief (in God), courage (to regain the confidence I have lost), and hope (in eventually, finding my Romeo). Let's see how it all works out.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve...

...I attended a wedding. It's been my third one in about twelve years and the first one I can actually remember...and be a part of. Throughout the week, we held dances (last nights as a bachlorette, yes?) where I realized the lack of traditional spirit I carried and the growing beauty of the bride. Every time I saw her, she glowed brighter and smiled more often. This was all leading to the big night. Today. Her wedding.

When she came down the elevator, entered the room, the sparkles on her dress blinded the audience. Her eyes were cast down - shy as she was - and her lids were topped with shades of green and a streak of impeccable black liner. Her eyelashes were neverending and her smile was omnipresent. Her hair was silky as coud be and she smelled like rose petals. The diamonds in her long earrings and her beautifully adorned necklace gleamed with expense and honor. Everyone's eyes were on her - the bride - as she entered he room, her sister and her friends carrying her dress to keep from slipping. I, however, looked right at the groom who was standing, now, waiting for his future wife to stand by him.

Looking into his eyes, it was impossibe to measure his happiness. He tried to refrain from smiling, but his eyes decieved him. He held out his hand - their first touch - and brought the wife to their seats on the ostentatious sofa. While the camera man and every other girl began snapping pictures, the bride ensued her orders and looked down while the groom, one second smiling for the pictures, the other second, peeking glances at the bride. He stooped down and gently whispered into her ears, "You look beautiful." She giggled, keeping her eyes down but failing to keep a straight face. She kept tapping her long, red finger nails (a sign of nerves perhaps?), so the groom smoothly slid his hand into hers, stroking. The pictures continued to be taken. The people continued to whisper.

After what seemed like hours, the groom did something - unprecedented - that he had been dying to do. He slightly turned to the side, bent down, his musk blending with her rose petal sense, and gently kissed her. On the cheek. It was their first kiss. Flawless.

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