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Monday, September 27, 2010

What can the Greater Washington business community learn from today's high school students?

And that my fellow followers, is the question I am supposed to intuitively answer for the essay competition. I love writing...I truly do. I love creating new words; I love using fragments; I love being myself when I write. However, by the time I submit this essay, all the hairs on my head will be gone and my nails will have been bitten to their furthest extremes... because quite frankly, I have no idea why I'm writing this.
Yes, this essay intrigues me because I believe 100% that teenagers have one of the most well thought, creative, and developed minds in the world. I myself am a teenager and know for a fact (well, not a fact :) ) that I am just as capable of succeeding in the business world as that sophisticated, suit and tie, briefcase in one hand, guy strolling the streets of New York. I can come up of incessant reasons why teenagers rule and adults drool. So, take that everyone :p
However, the thing that sucks about writing this essay is that I'm writing for other people. I can see myself forcing words on to the paper...which is the worst crime ever committed, analogous to sticking a teeny, tiny baby into frigid ice water to let it drown (Oh God, that's an awful, cynical thought. Sorry!) I can feel myself twisting phrases and enforcing new big ostentatious words just so I can maybe have a chance of winning. But I highly doubt I'm going to win. Half way through the essay, I gave up and began to incorporate my sardonic, witty comments. Oh well. After that 64% (83% with the curve) I got on that AP Lang test, I will definitely need the extra credit. 

Oh. And welcome to my blog <3

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