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Sunday, November 7, 2010

"The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair

For US History, my teacher allocated a specific book, from a wide list of books, to each person based on their personalities. When he read my name alongside "The Jungle", I was 1)clueless and 2) suddenly, the center of attention as my peers gasped as whispered, "Lucky", or "Ugh", or maybe even some other vulger words. I laughed, believing that I actually was lucky, but my eyes could be read blank. [No surprise there], but I actually knew nothing about "The Jungle". : /

I never consider myself as much of a history nerd, but I went to the library, checked out the book, and began researching on it. Background information on the era. On Upton Sinclair. And then I remembered. A long, long, long time during 7th grade history, my teacher had told us about this book and the destitute conditions in the industries. That felt like forever ago...and I never knew I would be living that moment.

Well, back to the original point. On yahoo!answers, I asked "what does this book show me about my responsibility?".
The rapid replies?

1) "You fight for the working manYou don't like to see people exploited."

2) "But possibly he thinks you are someone who likes to dig beneath the surface, find the truth, expose corruption, and change society. That book had a HUGE impact on early-20th century America. It almost single-handedly led to several major reform laws, including the one that created what would become the modern FDA. so maybe he thinks you're a world-changer."

3) "Maybe your teacher thinks your a hard worker amd you don't give up easily. You uncover the deeper meaning of things. But sometimes when your problems become too much for you you try to run away from them."

Maybe my teacher never even thought too deeply about these things. But maybe he did. Maybe, he is proud of me. Maybe, he's seen my incessant efforts into the outlines, into his essays, into the tests. Maybe, he believes in me. Maybe he thinks I will be successful in life.
I know little things in life sometimes aren't meant to be anything. But this little thing, has made me so much happier. Nothing can bring me down today. So, instead of procrastinating and complaining about the US test tomorrow, I'll give my heart out studying. Because, I never want him to lose faith in me. 
I'm just so excited. Not only to take that quiz tomorrow, but to read this book. 
Maybe I am a history nerd. 

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