This is my story of dedication (for getting into my dream school), belief (in God), courage (to regain the confidence I have lost), and hope (in eventually, finding my Romeo). Let's see how it all works out.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It wasn't Boyer, Clark, Kett, Salisbury, Sitkoff, Woloch or their 1023 page book on "A History of the American People" that made me appreciate Native Americans. It was you...sitting in the back of the class, quiet but not quite silent, hand holding chin & those big, brown eyes staring straight ahead.


  1. omg. I totally get how your family was reading it, I complained about my mom like a month ago, and she keeps getting mad that I let everyone in the whole world read my blog, I mean I only have 15 followers!
    Anyway, I would probably like to do a new blog in secret, but I don't want to start all over =/ though it could be nice..
    do you still update on your old blog?


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